Frequently asked questions

01. There are more than 30 years old false ceiling in the new house. Can the false ceiling be removed without affecting the wall cabinet?

A: it should be handed over to the master. Maybe it’s more time-saving, labor-saving and cost-effective to remove the cabinet and install it again than to remove the ceiling without removing the cabinet.

02. The height of the existing computer cabinet and shoe cabinet is the same, but they haven't been moved into the new building. Can we make a wall hanging cabinet on them first?

A: after the furniture is moved in, you can put it in the cupboard. Before the furniture is moved in, you can fly in the cupboard. Although it’s not a big problem to close your mouth, it’s not necessary. One by one, of course, will be more stable.

03. The kitchen and bathroom are about 120 feet apart. How much will it cost to demolish the wall and rebuild it?

A: in this case, you can register a free ruler, and your colleagues will contact you within 12 hours.

04. After removing the teak floor strip, it is found that there are black asphalt / gel like things left on the stone excrement floor. Now you need to shovel up all the black asphalt before you can find a master to lay bricks?

A: it is suggested that if there is asphalt, they should be beaten away. If they can’t, they should be paved with bricks first. However, it is not recommended that they should be beaten with stone excrement because it may affect the ceiling of the unit downstairs.

05. Shifu A: it means that after opening the throat in the open kitchen, the brick is laid on the front of the stone excrement cover, and there is no leakage and burst the throat. Teacher B: it means that the open kitchen is covered with materials that are easy to install and disassemble after the throat is opened. In case of water leakage, it is easy to find and repair. Which teacher's method is better and credible?

A: you are welcome to inquire whether to make a clear throat or a dark throat? The dark throat will be more beautiful, and the clear throat thinks it will receive d ~ thank you for your inquiry

06. My wooden floor is suspected to be contaminated by detergent or bleach. Is there any way to repair it?

A: only by looking at the material of the surface of the wood floor can we know if there is a suitable solution.

07. There is no room to the top. If Yijia wants to add a glass window, do you want to remove the original board on the top?

A: if it’s convenient, you can consider registering the free metric quotation on our website first, and our decoration consultant can have a deep understanding with you~

08. What tools and procedures are needed to remove the windowsill marble by yourself?

A: Hello, is it expected that windowsill stones will not be reused? You can just chisel it with a hammer.

09. I have a 200 foot flat. I want to get my own carpet and glue floor. What tools should be used to remove the carpet, and what steps should be taken?

A: it takes a lot of time and process to tie up the carpet. The thick carpet without baa flower test is the easiest to lift the thin one for general commercial use, which is difficult to lift. After finishing, use a medium knife to slowly scrape away the small pieces. If there is too much glue or it is difficult to lift, use pliers to roll them

10. One of the walls in the kitchen has water seepage at the bottom. It is suspected that there is water leakage at the entrance of the wall. Can you point to deal with it?

A: if you suspect that the water supply pipes are leaking, you can close all the pipes, turn on the water supply switch to the maximum, and wait a few hours to see if the water meter jumps. This is the DIY method. Professional master on the grain pressure test.